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Welcome to the Advocate Grant Program Application!

The Advocate Grant Program is a program of Society for Science & the Public, sponsored by the Arconic Foundation, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and Regeneron.  The goal of the program is to support adult mentors in transitioning underserved students from completing science research projects to entering them into science research competitions.  For more detailed information about this program, please scroll down below or visit our webpage: 


  • Must be 21 years of age or older (some exceptions for Society alumni)
  • Must already be serving a role in a school, university, research institution, or non-profit that educates young people
  • Must have a student group from which to recruit students

Important dates

February 26, 2017    Application Deadline

March 31, 2017        Grant Recipients Notified

May / June 2017       Convening Event in Washington, DC (all expenses paid)

May 21, 2018            Deadline for Final Reports

What does an Advocate do?                   

  • Recruit and maintain a cohort of eligible students and help transition them from conducting a scientific or engineering research project to completing applications to scientific competition(s).
  • Keep track of application deadlines, helping students get recommendations, school transcripts, and any other pieces and parts to the competitions.
  • Learn about the various science research competitions (information provided), inform the students about them, and help them to choose which ones to enter.
  • If needed, help the students to purchase a display board and/or arrange transportation to and from competitions.
  • Review student project materials & applications and suggest areas for improvement.
  • If necessary, talk to any scientists or research coordinators the students have worked with to explain that the student will be entering competitions and ensure that they have permission to do so, considering any intellectual property concerns.

How can the $3,000 be spent?

This particular grant may not be used to purchase equipment or expand the research program or experience

  • A stipend for you, the Advocate – Your time, expertise, patience, encouragement, and leadership are extremely valuable to us and to these students.
  • Reimbursement for costs associated with participating in science research competitions – display boards, printing, travel to and from competition-related meetings, lodging at a competition if essential
  • Building and Maintaining a Cohort of students – pizza parties, after-school snacks, trips to visit lab or science-related locations, cost for a guest speaker to come to the school to meet with the students, etc.
Please contact us if you are uncertain if a specific expense would be acceptable for this grant. 

Additional Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do the students come from?
A: Advocates recruit eligible students from their school, organization or institution.  The Advocate must be employed by a school, university, organization or corporation that has established a relationship with students in a manner appropriately sanctioned and approved by legal guardians.  Students must have completed an individual or team (no more than 3 students) independent research project.  The research institution, if any, must allow students to submit their research into competitions. 
Q: What students are eligible to participate?
A: For the Advocate grant, students of underrepresented ethnicity (African-American, Latino, Native American) or low income (Title 1, Free/Reduced lunch status) are eligible.  Girls and first generation students not falling into the previously mentioned categories are not eligible for this particular grant at this time. 
Q: What kind of competitions should the students enter?
A: Students must enter competitions that require a science research project, such as the Intel Science Talent Search, Broadcom MASTERS, Intel International Science & Engineering Fair.  Students may also enter local, regional or state science fairs as well.
Q: Is the grant for me, the institution I work for, or for the students?
A: The Advocate Grant is intended as a stipend for you.  Grant recipients may, at their discretion, elect to have their non-profit school or organization accept the grant on their behalf, for the sole purpose of reimbursing expenses related to entering science research competitions.  It may not be used to fund the research experience itself. 
Q: How can the grant money be used?
A: If the grant recipient is not using the money as a stipend, part or all (in $1,000 payments) may be used for costs associated with students entering competitions such as display boards or transportation & lodging to and from associated events.  The grant may also be used for costs associated with cohort retention including food for meetings and other incentives.  Grant money may not be spent on the research or research program itself, general supplies/new technology for the school or organization, capital improvements, or anything not associated with students from the cohort entering qualified competitions.

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